Jan 272016

Are you my next pony ride?

Are you my next pony ride? Manchester Mistress Maya

Are you my next pony ride? Manchester Mistress Maya

Are you my next pony ride? I love to ride my pony and horse bitches. Smell the leather saddle across your bare back. Feel those cold metal stirrups digging into your side as I urge you. Blinkers on, or blindfold if I’m feeling particularly cruel. Your only focus will be me. I am your only sense of direction. Your only purpose. You will go where I command.

When you’re wasting your life at work you’ll be dreaming of cantering back to me. You’ll never get me out of your head, daydreaming of my pert sexy ass in my jodhpurs, the way my riding boots accentuate my thighs. I’m the strict equestrian you need to discipline you every day. The strictest.

I will ride you hard. Bite the bit and hold your tongue, you have nothing of value to say. Try to backchat and you’ll feel much more than the bit in your mouth. The bridle tightening around your pathetic face as I heave you backward. Woah there. Don’t make me use my cock bridle and bull whip. I will ride you into the ground. Sweaty, panting, pathetic. Physically and mentally you serve me.

I like to whip my pony hard. Feel my slim but muscular thighs clasping you. You know I could crush you. You know I own you. And your pony ass. I could just whip your tail out of the way and strapon your bitch ass anytime I want. If that’s not your thing you’re going to have to think of other ways to impress me. Useless ponies get put down and made into dog food. Are you just a useless chunk of dog food? Or are you going to be my good little pony bitch? I always find a way to use you.

Giddy up because I will ride you hard and fast.

Are you my next pony ride? Contact me to book your pony bitch session. Available at the discrete Manchester Chambers, or private apartment.

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WARNING: You will become obsessed with and addicted to Mistress Maya.

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