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Bitchy Beatdown Sessions

Manchester Mistress Maya Bitchy Beatdown Sessions

Manchester Mistress Maya Bitchy Beatdown Sessions

My Bitchy Beatdown Sessions have been in high demand! Ever dreamed about being physically overpowered by a woman? Trust me… My Bitchy Beatdown Sessions are beyond your wildest dreams. I offer every different type, even to suit a little sissy pansy like you! By far the best beatdown sessions in Manchester.

I offer solo beatdowns, or Double Domme beatdowns with my best friend Mistress Lexa. Our extremely popular Double Trouble sessions have taken the Manchester Chambers and private apartment by storm! I’m back at the gym lifting more than my own body weight, and eating a healthy strong diet. You will be in awe of my toned, sexy body. My strength and seductive beauty.

My beatdown sessions range from mild to hardcore. Most of you pussies come through the door begging for a no mercy hardcore session of kicking, punching, being kneed in the balls, cigarette put out in your mouth, breath play crushed in my thighs, choked unconscious. And I love doing all those things to you. But the simple fact is I still have never found a slave who can take the level of beating I can give. You always think you’re tougher than you are. And underestimate how tough I am.

Sure I’m young, petite and sexy. But I’m trained in Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, so you better be just as afraid as you are aroused!

Milder beatdown sessions surround the fantasy of fighting or humiliation, gymdom fetish, being bullied by the pretty girl like you’re back in school. I provide the most excitingly intense body on body wrestling session in the whole country. I love crushing you between my thighs. Headscissor is my favourite move. Side, front, reverse and Figure 4. There are unlimited ways for me to take you down. Hold you down. Make you mine. If you’re extremely lucky you might see me get oiled up and feel my body against yours as I dominate you entirely. Me and Mistress Lexa get tense when we’re wrestling you, so we erotic Nuru massage each other, and sometimes need a slave to massage us where we can’t reach…

Are you that lucky slave?


WARNING: You will become obsessed with and addicted to Mistress Maya.

Call or text: 07734 034 881 

Email: MayaOwnsYou@yahoo.co.uk


Twitter: @MistressMayaMCR

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