Apr 102016

FREE sample of the new Mistress Maya Novella, Baby: The Golden Cage

Included in this blog post is your FREE sample of the new Mistress Maya Novella, Baby: The Golden Cage. Previously available exclusively to a limited number of clients. Due to popular demand the opening chapter is FREE, giving readers a taste of what they have eagerly anticipated for months. To continue reading Baby’s captivating adventure and journey to liberation, through sexual exploration and erotic ecstasy, pre-order your copy of the finished book by emailing MayaOwnsYou@yahoo.co.uk. The entire book will be released soon, and for only £5 if ordered before April 30th 2016.

Baby: In the Golden Cage

By Mistress Maya

You would be forgiven for doing a double-take when you saw her walking down the street. She turned heads in quick succession, the crowd parting before her, and staring in awe in her wake. The women and sissies wished they were her, and the men wished they could touch her even once. She seemed always out of place, tapering through the market crowd like trails of sweet smoke that were never there; a vision superimposed into the scene like a hot pink sunset bleeding into the sky. The ghost of her perfume caressed you as she passed, tendrils sending shivers down your spine like her pretty, pale fingertips.

She made eye contact with no one, and yet her crystal blue eyes were the only thing exposed. Her tall, slender frame was draped in the finest silks, bold sunset hues of pink and orange, a golden ribbon cinching her waist. They say her beauty was too much to bear, one look at her angelic face and you would fall in love. No doubt this was the reason the Master had her veil her face and golden hair.

Floating through the markets each morning gave her the illusion of freedom. The smell of exotic coffee, fresh fruits and intricate sweets and delicacies filled her senses. The warm caress of the sun held her lovingly as it rose in the sky, soon to be at its peak. But the shadows behind her acted as a constant reminder that she was owned. Nial and Tian, two stern pillars dressed in black, were the only things affording her the luxury of this excursion. They flanked her on either side, their humourless faces staring ahead, eyes shifting in rapid assessment of the crowd, ready to intervene if anyone got too close to Baby. But the truth is that no one would dare. Everyone knew who she belonged to, and what he was capable of. Master Red owned half of Linfalden City, and was as wicked as he was corrupt.

Baby always passed the same spot each day, the long wooden platform where nude slaves of every kind were chained by their ankles and wrists, exposed to the sun and prying eyes, on display and for sale to the baying crowd who waved currency and bartered loudly. The sissy slaves were in chastity, the metal cages attached by thin chain to their ankle and wrist shackles. Stallion slaves had their huge cocks trapped on wooden blocks, some in vices so that passers-by could come and stroke, laughing at their humiliation. Female slaves had their breasts tied with rope, which extended down their body to rest painfully between their legs, hands behind their backs so they could cover nothing.

Her revulsion was hidden beneath her veil, but tears gathered in her sapphire eyes. The only difference between her and these poor souls was that her own cage was one of golden luxury. She hastily threw coins to the slave driver and, avoiding all eye contact, pointed to one of the slaves. “This one, you are sure?” he wheezed, “The Master Red would surely prefer a stronger slave, this one is an outcast, for domestic tasks in a poor household, I’m sure. I have many better slaves, I breed the best, tell him this!”

“You will release this slave,” she implored, her voice boasting a courage she did not feel, her heart wavering. Every day she paid for the release of a slave, whichever she saw as suffering the most; gasping for food and water, not only freedom. Each day new slave drivers brought in shipments from far and wide. She knew she could not release them all, and this broke her heart. The slave she had chosen was unshackled and pushed towards her, coughing wretchedly. He was an aged man with deep lines of hardship showing in his face, and scars from the whip and cane written all over his body. Releasing the strap from Nial’s broad shoulder she took a brown leather bottle of water and a loaf of bread and held them out towards the slave. He looked questioningly at her, afraid to reach out and take them, so she placed them on the dry earth at his feet, extending a smile that he could only see in her eyes. She nodded encouragingly as she walked away. Only when she and her bodyguards were gone did the slave dare to take them, still processing the disbelief of his own freedom after so many years of confinement.

A cacophony of sound drifted across the market square, bringing peace back to her soul, cleansing her. The music was from the temple, calling out to the whole city, the humming sound rolling across the market. She gripped the pendant of her necklace, never forgetting where she had come from. For her the temple was a retreat, somewhere Master Red never had any reason to set foot inside. She smiled coyly to herself, knowing that her plan was to be set in motion soon.

Baby stopped, sending Nial and Tian into a state of alertness. Closing rank, they oppressed her from either side, eyes scouring the crowd to find the source of her distress. “Relax,” she appealed, rolling her eyes, “I just want to try this.” She held out her golden gloved hand to receive a ripe cherry from the nervous market vendor. With her other hand she pressed coins into the young man’s eager hands, receiving a humble bow. Unbeknownst to Nial and Tian, she had placed more than just a generous handful of coins there. If she were caught, both her and the young man would be skinned alive and hung from the tallest bridge in the market square for all to see.

 The market vendor could not peel his eyes away from her as she drifted away, sweeping her veil aside just enough to wrap her plump, shapely  lips around the cherry, looking back at him meaningfully as she swallowed it. The sun was like a halo around her as time froze. This split second lasted an eternity and was the highlight of his day; he lived only for these moments.

The young man could wait no longer. He retreated into the tent behind his stall, his bated breath causing his hands to tremble as he struggled with the tiny scroll. This square of parchment was taken directly from the Red Mansion, you could tell by the thickness of it under your fingertips. On it was written: ‘Meet me at Midnight. Waterfall.’

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