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Maya’s Sissy Girls

Manchester Mistress Maya's Sissy Girls

Manchester Mistress Maya’s Sissy Girls

Maya’s Sissy Girls are an exclusive Society. A place where you are never alone, you are owned and cared for. Being a sissy is the most fun a girl can have. Putting effort into looking fantastic every day, hair and makeup. Coordinating sexy costumes and cute outfits. Dreaming about BBC (Big Black Cock). Taking cock, anal training, and sucking cock. It’s rewarding but not easy. There’s a lot more to being a sissy than just being sexy, serving a strong Mistress or Master and sexual service.

As well as training and owning sissies, I support and nurture them. Behind every sissy is a story about why they want to be a sissy, but sadly sometimes there are reasons why being a sissy can be isolating or difficult. I want you to know you are NEVER alone. and NEVER misunderstood. Every sissy is unique and different, but has this one thing in common. It’s time people started to understand the Sissy movement.

Here is the true story by of one of my favourite sissies:

By @sissyleighLeigh

“In depth
Everyone has had individual paths to where they are now. I won’t attempt to encompass every path, I merely wish to describe my own. And hopefully through learning about me you might be able to learn something about yourself. And my beginning, my initial attraction to the feminine, and leanings toward submission is a complex one. I will hit on the key factors, but im sure since I started early in my life I will miss some. But the key factors should be insightful to my current person as they are seen through the lens of my current perspective.
Looking back it is easier to see signs of my feminine leanings. For example I was an avid fan of dress up and fantasy play. I remember playing a game with my female cousin and older brother where they would be the king and queen and I would be the unicorn princess. I would beg to play that game everytime I saw my cousin. Even before puberty I would fantasize about being treated like a baby again but then raised as a girl.  Wow I just remembered that part. I feel like I have probably suppressed alot over the years to make it easier to just be a guy in the world. Suppression of ideas and memories has allowed me to compartmentalize the girl side to make it easier to live day to day.  I wouldn’t get anything done if i spent all day fantasizing about being a girl. Yet still I find more and more of my day is spent doing that. Beyond just wanting to be a girl the event that first started me down the cross dresser path was read an erotic story about lesbian sex right around the age of puberty. It turned me on so much though I don’t think I recognized it for what it was then. Shortly thereafter I faked sick to stay home alone and found myself in my mothers clothes. This became the usual when ever I  was alone for years to come.

Over the years I went through cycles of intense longing to be a girl accompanied by dressing up and stories about transsexuals, lesbians and sissies. Then would be the shame and purge cycle. I would be so ashamed and angry at myself. You want to fit in and be accepted but then you do all of this weird shit. Why would anyone want you? I would ask myself these things often. During the good times I would wish I could transition but I knew my family and friends would disown me and I couldn’t handle that thought.

As years passed the purge cycles came fewer and fewer as I began to accept myself. I have begun to realize that this is just a part of me and that is ok. Even though I am out of college now I still think I have too much to lose to transition. So I dress up and be a sissy as temporary releases of stress and anxiety. Not to mention a lot of fun! That is where I am at on my sissy journey on my particular part of the spectrum right now. My goals for the future are to learn how to pass in public and find a partner in life who will accept all of me and encourage my journey. I would prefer to be the submissive partner but some switching could be fun. 😊 I want to thank Mistress Maya for encouraging me to write this.I  have learned some about myself through this process.”

More real life Maya’s Sissy Girl stories to follow in future blogs. To become one of Maya’s Sissy Girls contact using the details below.

WARNING: You will become obsessed with and addicted to Mistress Maya.

Call or text: 07734 034 881 

Email: MayaOwnsYou@yahoo.co.uk

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