Jan 242016

Maya’s Sissy Slut Society

Mistress Maya's Sissy Slut Society

Mistress Maya’s Sissy Slut Society

Mistress Maya’s Sissy Slut Society is the new and hot place to be a sissy. Only join if you can handle being a true sissy. I am Mistress Maya of Manchester. I train, breed and own only the finest sissies. I demand perfection and never settle for less.

Are you already a sissy but aren’t owned? You could be a owned by Me, an elite and supreme Mistress. Want to become a better sissy? My brand new series of Sissy Training videos will be up for sale soon. Already available are personalised videos. Just email or contact me with your individual desires, how long a video you want, and what name you want me to call you in the video. Most requested lengths are 2 and 4 minutes.

Examples: A sissy recently requested a personalised video where I direct the video at her, telling her what a dirty little slut she is, and tell her what I’m going to do to her. Including lock her cock up, force her to suck cock for my amusement, and get her doing domestic cleaning. Only her mouth and ass will be of any use to Me. I will force her to always wear slutty uniforms and outfits.

Another recent request was a video where I force my personal sissy slut maid into chastity, whilst myself and Mistress Lexa enjoy a bubble bath in a luxury hotel. My sissy slut was wearing a French Maid outfit, and serving us drinks whilst servicing the men we demanded her to pleasure.

For the voyeurs of all types out there I offer POV videos of life through my eyes. Ranging from daily things like grabbing a coffee and picking up the sexy barista, lunch with the girls, to dungeon and apartment sessions from my Point of View. Want to live life through my eyes, even just for a couple of minutes a day? Buy a video now by contacting me with what you want to see.

Real Time sessions are available at The Manchester Chambers or private apartment.

To all my beautiful sissies that I already own, I love you. To my new sissies who are yet to join Maya’s Sissy Slut Society, Welcome. Your place is here with Me. For details on how to buy membership, and what this entails, just ask.

Contact Me

WARNING: You will become obsessed with and addicted to Mistress Maya.

Call or text: 07734 034 881 

Email: MayaOwnsYou@yahoo.co.uk

Twitter: @MistressMayaMCR

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