Manchester Mistress Reviews

Reviews by slaves who have already been lucky enough to achieve a real time session with Me:

  •  “Wow!
    This mistress is not one to be taken lightly.
    In some ways when I’ve read reports before about mistresses and they say how great they are and you should go and see them. I’m loathe to do that as I want her all to myself…..but that simply isn’t going to happen unfortunately for this mouse.
    I say mouse as Mistress Maya attributed this name to me as her plaything and who am I to argue.
    Maya is truly stunning, of that there is no question. However don’t underestimate her inate will to control and abuse….she is a natural.
    My first mistake was being late and making her wait 10 mins. As a consequence I gave up all rights to have any form of input into the session. So when she beat me with her paddle, teased me with her blindfoling, kicked me, spat at me and marked her territory there was little I could do but accept the path I’d chosen.
    Alas, I reluctantly would advise all to seek this strong willed mistress, she doesn’t need to be loud and angry to captivate and intoxicate you, this will come naturally.
    Can she really own you….I think easily is the answer.
    I look forward to crossing paths ever so soon to my new found goddess.
    Mishka the mouse
  •  Slave Trevipup:
“In Manchester a  Venetian mask is removed to reveal a beautiful  and exquisite Goddess.   My visit to Mistress Maya MCR Dominaitrix in her dungeon.
After looking at some intriguing photos of Mistress Maya MCR on her site within the Manchester Dungeon page I plucked up courage, made enquiries and booked a session. I arrived at the specified door rang a bell and was told to come in. I was ushered, by a woman, into her dungeon- a exotic place indeed with red lamps shedding an erie light upon the restraints chains cages and devices to hold slaves firmly in position for special treatment. On one wall was a cage to entrap and imprison. Behind that a row of cages with keys dangling. “We can keep slaves in those overnight with just a bowl for water” she later told me as I smiled nervously. In the middle was a spanking bench with strap that positioned the victim with his bottom at just at the right height to connect easily with Mistress Mayas many whips and paddles and crops.
 I waited …and in walked  the elegant Mistress Maya. She had removed that Venetian mask that we see in the photographs to reveal  a young and  lovely face.  Before me stood a radiant and shapely persona  full of charm, but exuding  self confident feminine dominance. She sensed my nervousness and the butterflies, remarked upon it, and said with that unique teasing smile of hers, “we like to sense that”,She loves being in control  and I was left in no doubt who held the power in this strange exotic place. I was told to strip naked and await for her to return. As I gazed around the room a strange thing happened. I felt suddenly totally vulnerable and powerless. I looked at the impressive black throne, the stacked canes and whips handles ready for use in wicker baskets and  Maya’s impressive carved black throne. It seemed the only proper thing to do was to wait on my knees before it and wait for the Mistress to return.
 After what seemed an age, I heard the metallic click of a ladies stilettos approaching closer and closer down the stairs  and my heart began to thump. The door gently swung open and Mistress Maya was soon before me in sheer black latex that traced in every detail  her subtle womanly curves. I gasped at how attractive she was and was filled with desire. She sat on her throne and I felt the sharpness of her heels dig in my back as I knelt before her. I was now in her power and it was impossible to resist. I had no choice but to obey that calm feminine voice which exuded absolute control and authority. I kissed her shoes with all the reverence I could muster,  then took them off and worshipped her darling little size 4.5 feet with their perfectly curved arches and those little ivory painted toes.
Then I knelt up to receive my slave collar which was roughly and tightly fastened around my neck. This is an important moment. Here is an extraordinary moment of power exchange. It is difficult to describe precisely, but from the point of feeling the collar and the mistress jerking the leash to which you are now attached you feel you are not only powerless but owned . It is a moment that nothing can prepare you for but when it happens you know you no longer have a separate life but belong to your mistress in session.
 I was led around rather  like a puppy and inevitably made some stumbles, but, horror of horror, accidently touched Mistress Maya on the leg. Sharp words followed .I was upturned on the spanking bench and strapped in for punishment immediately.  I was delt in turn 10 strokes of a dressage whip, thick cane, and crop. I squealed at the sharp pain as I counted the stokes but the pain soon contained a powerful sexual charge and waves of pleasure ebbed and flowed. I was also dimly aware of Mistress Maya intently observing my reactions, my breathing, my body language and how each stroke effected me. This is important for a dominaitrix who has a duty of care to her clients and holds their vulnerability and safety in trust. A paradox of punishment and care. Canes and whips need to be wielded with great skill. In the wrong hands they can do serious damage. Mistress Maya needless to say has absolute mastery of her implements and is able to administer pain with a minimum of physical marking. The punishment placed me in a dreamy state.  In this state Mistress got closer and closer until I could feel her through the latex and smell the fragrance of herperfume and musk and femininity. It was like being in heaven, highly erotic ,yet sublime and peaceful at the same time. I felt almost angelic as I floated to the ceiling. There was more caressing from her silky soft skin and a moment i shall never forget. She stared into my eyes and i looked into hers.  I saw a beautiful  women straight out of a Renaissance painting, who do I remind you of she said sotto voce her warm breath close to my ear… “Botticelli” She was absolutely right, and as it was my favourite artist I found tears welling up. There was  a moment of  great tenderness and sensitivity when she said “its all right its all right we know it can be overwhelming,” relax. How i did appreciate that moment. Then the session gradually came to a close as i laid on a couch. We talked more as I came back to reality  dominated and in her power but also attended to and cared for. She brought me a coffee. Session came gradually to a close as we chatted about my feelings of how things had gone.
Well, what can I say? Anyone who thinks that Bdsm and visiting a Dominaitrix is about cheap thrills and whips and chains think again. Dominaitrix do not engage in sexual activity. They are professionals who are able to engage and help their clients get in contact with their sexuality and  some very deep emotional feelings and express them in a safe way. Quite often Mistress Maya told me “clients reveal to us things they have told no one else because they may be ashamed” .Rather like the confessional used to be in churches I thought to myself. It was an all consuming experience which I can wholeheartedly recommend. Mindblowing !!It will open new doors of discovery into who you really are sexually and emotionally. It may take a courage to pick up the phone and book but you will be amazed how wonderful you will feel and what a journey it begins. Mistress Maya MCR beautiful sophisticated, intuitative, totally in control, exuding feminine dominance,  able to punish and tantalize, who understands so well the male psyche. There exists no one better in the field. And Yes I can’t wait to book again to see you…
thks for yesterday”
  • Slave Jack: “REVIEW…….

I experienced Mistress Maya’s extremely popular beat down / wrestling sessions and I was very impressed. So it’s only right I write a review.

So the session I asked for some wrestling and then to dominated in some headscissors. I also wanted her to ignore all tap outs. Feeling extra cocky I offered to start on my knees while wrestling. I also claimed her legs were too weak to make me tap before the session! BIG mistake that was!

As soon as we started she had me in a rear headlock within 5 seconds and had me begging for mercy as she was chocking me out. She then let go after a minute or so and me being unable to believe what had happened just said “Didn’t expect that, wasn’t ready” to which she laughed at and carried on.

As soon as we started this time she did completely something else but got me in the same hold again! But WORSE! This time she even wrapped her legs around my waist in a bodyscissor and crushed my stomach. This was going to be a LONG session. Her legs were like steel, they just wouldn’t budge no matter how hard I pulled, and being choked out didn’t help! This girl seriously knows how to wrestle.

We carried on like this till she caught me in her Headscissors, now I was in trouble. The amount of strength in her legs is unbelievable; she could have knocked me out in no time if she wanted to. Scissor after scissor she applied ignoring all tap outs and even knocking me out for a second or so! She had me completely red which a very sore neck, her legs has destroyed me. Once she wrapped those legs around me all I could do is beg for mercy, she even made me admit to being a “pussy boy” which I was confident before the session she wouldn’t be able to make me.

And at the end I found out she was actually going easy on me because it was my first session. I can’t wait to experience her when she’s going at me 100%

This girl is strong, she doesn’t look it but she seriously is. Be extremely careful what you ask for as this girl won’t give you any leniency! I 100% recommend anyone who enjoys these types of sessions to book with Mistress Maya as she is the real deal! So beautiful but strong!

Thank you for reading :)”

WARNING: You will become obsessed with and addicted to Mistress Maya.

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I await your complete submission and servitude. Booking in advance gives you a better chance of achieving a session with Me, but I allow same day and last minute bookings.